Outcome report HyWay27 – Government devises hydrogen network plan


The final report of the HyWay27 project is ready. The government will devise a plan to adapt gas pipelines for the transport of hydrogen based on this report. State Secretary Yeşilgöz-Zegerius, Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, announced this in response to the HyWay27 report. This report concludes that it is feasible, safe and cost-efficient to reuse existing gas pipelines for hydrogen.

The government plans to ask Gasunie to take on the development of the hydrogen transport network. As such, the national natural gas network will in part have to be made available for reuse for the transport of hydrogen. HyTransPort will be a new offshoot of this hydrogen network. Extra capacity is needed in the Port of Rotterdam to meet the anticipated demand for hydrogen.

State Secretary Yeşilgöz-Zegerius: ‘Hydrogen is needed to make our industry more sustainable and to keep jobs here in the Netherlands. If we do it right, our country can also earn a good living with it. In my view, the government must offer the right preconditions, such as infrastructure, so that companies can take the necessary steps towards sustainability here in the Netherlands.’

Government plan for hydrogen network roll-out

The government sees an important role for CO2 free hydrogen in the transition to a sustainable energy system. Hydrogen not only contributes to achieving the climate targets, but it also offers opportunities for economic growth. Thanks to its favourable location, the international ports and the existing gas networks and storage capacity, the Netherlands can play a key role in the international hydrogen market in the future. To seize this opportunity, the government is now taking an important concrete next step: developing a roll-out plan for a hydrogen transport network.

The government is also devising a plan, which makes use of the Cluster Energy Strategies (CES), to provide insight into where and when the need for transport capacity arises. Together with a timeline for the availability of pipelines, this should lead to a plan for the national hydrogen network. It will be up to the new government to decide on how the pipelines should be laid and financed.

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